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Wednesday, July 28, 2021


'Ophelia' by John Everett Millais

Oh Look! 

'Delta' is coming!

“It is not a welcome piece of news that masking is going to be a part of people’s lives who have already been vaccinated,” Walensky acknowledged. “This new guidance weighs heavily on me.” ~Rochelle Walensky CDC

Subliminal Message ~


Come on Folks, did you really think they were going to give up, their Power of Making Rules??????


Did you really think they were going to give up the Message of, Be Afraid??????


How about some Logic?   The world is going to have to learn to LIVE or DIE, with this China Covid Virus and its Variants.  Just like it learned to live or die, with all the other plagues and epidemics/pandemics, in the past.

And remember, Bill Gates says there are too many people in the world.  So this~here~Pandemic and its variants, should take care of that.   And make him and his pals, quite happy.

Am I sarcastic?
Do I suspect everything "the Powers That Be" tell us?
Do you choose to Follow every Rule they give out?
But be prepared to live the rest of your life, in fear.
Sorry but I just don't think 
that is living.

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Hootin Anni said...

I'll come back to read your blog later...wanted to see if the other option they have will get your title on the image. Go back and read my tutorial again. I explain how to get text.

Lori said...

I refuse to live in fear. I have been vaccinated and I do still wear my mask when I am inside a building but I cannot live in fear. I just don't know who to trust anymore. Things are so out of control.

Hootin Anni said...

To center...
with CSS code you showed in last comment for me.

Open Admin again
Click Layout
Top of page find "Theme Designer"
Click on it
On sidebar, scroll and click on Advanced
Click on Advance "Page Text"
Find add CSS
On line that says "Add custom CSS paste the code you left for me in my comment.

Hootin Anni said...

Yes there IS a place to add the text!!
Where you see add custom CSS and a blue line...type on that line...the "Add custom..." will disappear as you begin typing [or pasting] Click on that LINE

Beside a babbling brook... said...


If you are "vaxed," why do you still wear a mask?

If you still think you need to wear a mask, why did you bother getting "vaxed"?

Kim said...

Getting vaccinated may not stop me from getting the virus, but it might keep me out of the hospital. That's good enough for me. Don't listen to the media propaganda, just watch your hospitals. Ours is having rising numbers daily out of nowhere. The hospital says that 97% of the people being admitted right now are not vaccinated. That is significant. This new variant is no joke. The vaccine is better than nothing. So are masks. We're all just trying our best to maneuver safely through this nightmare. We do what we can.

Hootin Anni said...

I hope this works!! I'm not sure...I see you are using the same template that I am for Hootin' Anni's, so all this should be the same for you as for me.

Just follow the arrows [also, to find the add css you need to scroll down [and use the tiny arrows to the right of these to get the drop down menu.

Follow this link:

If you can read the images well enough I hope you can expand to enlarge somehow.

Ginny Hartzler said...

This Ophelia painting is so interesting! Do you know an interpretation? Is she actually becoming the water?

Ginny Hartzler said...

Yes, it is like it used to be!! Did you follow Anni's directions? Amazing, and beautiful!

betty said...

I have not lived in fear since after the first month last March. Then I started using my brain and started doing research and woke up. I have done everything I want to do without the jab and without the mask unless it is at work walking around. If I have to get the jab to stay employed I am out of here. That and being tested. I can put up with the temperature checks and mask wearing but that is all I will put up for this job


Mari said...

No living in fear for me either. I've had enough...

Lori said...

I work at a hospital where it is mandatory to take the vaccine if you want to continue to work. For financial goals, I decided to do it and keep my job. I wear the mask when inside public places because it makes me feel a little safer. The positivity rate in my community is very high right now. I believe every little thing helps. As I stated, I will not live in fear or worry. Doing everything I can to protect myself and others is why I do not worry.

Beside a babbling brook... said...


Thank you!

Btw, I am not telling anyone, what to do.

It's my blog.


I said my views.

I appreciate the views of others.