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Thursday, October 21, 2021

🌌 And now, for something different 🌌

"The approaching darkness.....

As the end of October draws closer, we begin to anticipate a new season.  It is a time of darkness, shadows, wisdom and magic.  As an introvert, this phase of the year is when I feel most at home, with the darker evenings offering opportunities to read, reflect and be still."   Source An email from Eleanor at Creative Countryside

Like it or not, November is darker.  The clocks go back to Nature's Time (Yeaaaaaaaaaa!)  Everywhere you look, the natural world looks spent.    After all the growing of summer, and harvesting of Autumn, Nature is logically tired. 

With the muted colors of November, and less time in the day, one could get a wee bit depressed.    And I know, it is a real problem for some people.  I do not make light of SAD.

But for those of us, who could be in charge of our mental outlook, wouldn't it be wise to find the *Bright Side* of this normal, seasonal occurrence?

The Natural World takes a rest, in winter.  I like to try to follow suit.   Work for many, and household duties for all, do not magically go away.  But couldn't we plan on how to use our leisure, in a restful and pleasant way?  So we look forward to it? 

By making our home cozy...  Planning on savory casseroles and simmering suppers...   Which fill the home with delightful aromas.   Lighting lovely fragrance candles...  Have a number of good books, beside our favorite chair....  With a warm 'throw,' there, to put over our lap/legs, when we sit down to read...    Etc.   Etc.  Etc.

The dull darkness, won't seem so upsetting, if we look forward to these things...   This month of November.






"The perfect antidote to dark, cold and creepy is light, warm and cozy.  ~Candice Olson



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Ginny Hartzler said...

Well, first, I lOVE your Mary Oliver quote. I adore Mary Oliver, and have one of her books. I would buy them ALL if we had the money. Next, I love the little fox in his cozy home. today's post is a real EXPERIENCE. One of joy, coziness, and wisdom.

Lori said...

I LOVE this post and all of the pictures and quotes. I enjoy all of the seasons but Fall and Winter are my favorites. I love the cool air, the short days and long nights. Cooking, baking. I enjoy making our home all cozy. Reading, watching movies, naps. Ahhhh. Yes, introvert here too.

Usually around the middle of February I actually get a little sad that this wonderful season is ending.

Have a great day!!

Hootin' Anni said...

A cozy fire, a good book (or good movie) with hot chocolate is a perfect setting. Down here, I love the long dark nights. Mild temps and peaceful sleep.

My favorite today is the black cat!!

happyone said...

I agree with you!!!
Something comforting and cozy being at home on a dark winter evening.
Love the picture of the walkway to the house!!

acorn hollow said...

I love the change of seasons I don't mind the short days it says you are done.
I only become restless when spring is late as winter can be so long. On days we have snow I am happy to tuck in bake and make a great meal. No need to go anywhere or do anything else.

At Home In New Zealand said...

Winter at your home sounds like it is so cozy and warm and welcoming and relaxing. All those warm fuzzy things that make life so special :)

Mari said...

I'm not a fan of short days and cold weather, but I love, love, love what you wrote! That's a great mindset and I am going to try to think that way.

Carla from The River said...

I LOVE this post, you are right on. Winter is actually my favorite season. A lot of people think that is crazy, but it is because of just what you shared, it is time to slow down.
Thank you for this lovely post, I am going to read it again.
Love, Carla

nookworm said...

Darkness is my friend. It feels warm and comfortable and safe to me. It is the cold and bright that are uncomfortable. That is contradictory isn't it? Accepting the seasonal changes is a challenge for some - Mother Nature rules. Depression? NEVER! Just rolling with the punches.

Lorrie said...

Yes! I love cozy evenings, reading books with a cup of herbal tea beside me, the fire glowing. It's all lovely.

Thank you for this post!

Sue said...

Such a great read, I plan on cozying up for a restful winter, as it gives me a break from much labor, I take this time to catch up on my blogging friends, reading, enjoying a nice fire and eating lots of soup, Thank you for sharing this encouragement, I too am happy for the turning back to nature's time.

Jeanette said...

The only thing I look forward to in the colder months are the holidays with family and snuggling under a heavy quilt to sleep!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Mary Oliver is a huge favorite of mine too. Wonderful quote. I despise the early dark but I suppose I get used to it within a few weeks. I enjoy the cold months because here, they are so short! xoxo