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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

😞 When you get tired of our winter... 🌞

From Clara's blog...
Many Bloggers are upset with the winter months, because of the lack of sunlight...   The days are naturally shorter and the nights are longer.   It is quite distressing to some.

In reading 'Wonderful Clara,' this picture above, and the accompanying words (some copied below), made me think!   Just look at winter months, in another country!


"January is the most difficult blog month. Still sad photo light but unlike in December no cozy lamps, crafts or decorations to document."

"And do you see that on the right? The sun cats on the wall? Screamed excitedly to the family - COME AND CHECK THE SOOOL! IT'S HERE AGAIN!  

Because from the end of November to the end of January it can't get up behind the mountain. The whole house is in the shade. So once it returns, it's time and joy.  

Everyone in the family has learned to look out for and pay attention the first time it happens. Folke ran and changed into a fine shirt to celebrate."


So, next time you bemoan how short the days (still) are...  Think of Clara's life in Sweden.  Where the whole house is in shade, from end of Nov. to end of Jan. !!!!   

It puts our winter, into perspective.  -smile-




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Lori said...

I'm the opposite and actually start to get a little sad this time of year as the days get longer. But, each season has it's purpose.

Connie said...

I love the fact that I can enjoy all four seasons as well (you mentions your love of the four seasons in the comment you left on my post). Yes; winter comes with snow and ice, slick roads and sidewalks, short days and long nights and my new all time least favorite watching the temperatures to protect the pipes from freezing. Now with all that said, it's a great time to do more reading, sewing, cleaning and little inside projects. It's also great for keeping down the insect problems that some areas have that do not have the cold seasons. There is a beauty in every season and winter makes us long for and search out the little treasures of spring . . . the first sigh of tulips popping through the ground, the music of the birds as they come back and start building their nests, the warm sun on our shoulders that cause us to replace our winter coats for light sweaters and sun hats . . . the joys of spring would be missed if we didn't have the season of winter to compare it with. Every season brings with it a beauty of it's own and a season of much work or a season of rest and quietness.
Enjoy each sweet day, my friend, they are all cherished gifts of love. God bless you.

Hootin' Anni said...

I would not know how to act.

Marie Smith said...

It does indeed. The sun has returned to the front of the house here. Yay!

happyone said...

I think some people just like to complain about any season, too hot, too cold, too dark etc.... :)
There is something to enjoy in all the seasons. :)

Mari said...

It does put our winters into perspective. I think we Americans are too quick to whine!

Deanna Rabe said...

I stopped whining about the weather years ago, when I realized that there is beauty in every season, and things we can do in each season that we can't do in others!

Winter is cold, and darker, but it can be cozy and delightful! The seasons are what you make of them!

nookworm said...

Lucky me! The winter sun, when shining here, comes in ALL of my front windows and my hanging crystals sparkle and make rainbows! The sun is so bright sometimes that I must pull shades to see where I'm walking so I don't fall!

Kim said...

I love the cold months. But less sunshine is definitely not one of my faves. However, they do go together, so I have to accept that. I'm thankful for what we do get. Always good to be reminded to appreciate the gifts we're given that don't always look like gifts at the time.

Jenny the Pirate said...

I struggle mightily when the time changes in the fall, and the dark comes so early. But now, it's still light here until sometime shortly after six, and so I hardly notice it anymore. And today our high temperature will be sixty! I will be taking a walk. A few more hard weeks, and spring will be at the doorstep! xoxo