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Monday, January 17, 2022

πŸ”₯ Snow πŸ”₯ And πŸ”₯ Mys πŸ”₯

Well, I am getting my snow!    
But it prevented our garage door, from being replaced today.
Ahhhhh but this garage door replacement is continuing to be a *Saga,* and not a good one.   But I'll spare you the details.
This photo shows falling snow, even better than my Header and above.  

This is a picture someone lifted from a lovely Instagram.  "My Little Red House"  ...Another beautiful Net place, from Sweden.   In that country, they really know how to make a kitchen cozy, in their long, dark winters.

Do you know of Mys?  I didn't till today.
"Denmark introduced the world to hygge , the national pursuit of all things cozy and enjoyable.

In Sweden, where the winters are even longer, darker and drearier, the concept is called mys (pronounced mees) — or the adjectival mysigt. And although the terms are very similar, Swedish mys refers more pointedly to an ultra-cozy atmosphere. "

"Ways to experience Mys in daily life...

  •  Dim the lights and light candles whilst you are watching TV
  •  Buy some solar fairy lights to put around your bed
  •  Invite your family round for a big family dinner and dress the table nicely with candles
  •  On a Sunday morning, take your cup of coffee back to bed
  •  Invite your best friend round, bring the duvet from your bed and huddle together on the sofa watching a movie
  •  When it is raining, sit by the window in a big jumper and listen to the sound
  •  Light a roaring fire on a cold night
  •  Avoid harsh ceiling lights or spotlights and instead light your rooms with smaller table lamps
  •  Wear big woollen socks on a cold day in your house
  •  Grab your favourite book and curl up in an armchair"
Soooooooo.....   I know know about Mys!!!!!  -smile-
Ohhh, and tonight is the Full Wolf Moon!     I love that name!!!!!
πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  πŸ”₯  


Lori said...

Your snow is beautiful!! Once again it passed us by with only a dusting. Not sure if a deep snow is in our cards this winter. But there is still hope.
I have not heard about mys until today.
The kitchen picture is so cozy and welcoming. I love it.
Have a wonderful week.

Hootin' Anni said...

We have a sunny day after a frosty morning. I'm thinking a nice hot chocolate will be good as I peruse blogs.

Carla from The River said...

Enjoy the cozy of Winter.
We have a cloudy sky tonight, so I will not see the moon on its official full night, but it was already lovely Saturday.

Marie Smith said...

I’m way ahead of the list on the socks!

Ginny Hartzler said...

All great suggestions! I love this wonderful kitchen, too. I hope you can get the door up and running soon!

Rose said...

We only git a dusting ...but it was too cloudy to even think about seeing the moon.

nookworm said...

Your personal photos are really nice to see...To me, the best picture here is the wonderful socks!!!! The kitchens look too cluttered for my comfort (less is more). To each his/her own taste I guess.

Mari said...

Your snow is very pretty!
I never heard of mys, but I like it. Those Scandinavians have some great ideas!

Jenny the Pirate said...

We call it "moling out" ... like moles, haahaa! I love cozy weather. xoxo

Kim said...

Love the cozy ideas. There's a channel on YouTube called It's a Charming Life with a Swede husband and American wife. They really know how to do cozy. Also love Scandish Home on YT. Hungarian couple living in Oregon doing the Scandinavian lifestyle. Very cozy!